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Slavonia and Baranja transport

Given that they are only 200 to 300 kilometres away from the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, Slavonia and Baranja, in particular Osijek, are well connected with the metropolis. On the route Zagreb-Osijek, there are a number of tens of trains and buses daily and it takes about four hours to travel from Zagreb to Osijek. With the contemporary highway from Zagreb to Slavonski Brod it only takes about 1.5 hours, while to Osijek it takes about 2.5 hours (www.tzosbarzup.hr).

Osijek also has an International airport in which even the largest of planes can land. During the summer there are regular flights to Adriatic airports while in winter only charter-planes land here. The airport also accommodates all small tourists and business airplanes.

In Vukovar, Ilok and Batina, ports are being constructed for large tourist boats which will dock in them on their Danube route from Vienna to the Black Sea.

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