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Slavonia and Baranja cultural manifestations

Slavonia and Baranja abound with numerous cultural manifestations. At the end of July or at the beginning of August in Đakovo, the Archdiocesan centre of the Đakovo and Srijem archdiocese has traditionally for more than four decades organised the Đakovački vezovi (folklore festival), at which hundreds of cultural-artistic societies throughout Croatia and abroad portray their creativity.

Especially interesting is the parade of all the participants dressed in national dress and accompanying horse-drawn carts that pass through the centre of the city with tens of thousands of onlookers. At the beginning of September in Vinkovci the traditional, folk festival Vinkovačke jeseni (Vinkovci autumn festival) are held. The City of Valpovo every year holds the Ljeto Valpovačko (Valpovo summer festival). Donji Miholjac, has the Miholjačko sijelo, while Našice during summer (middle of June) hold the Days of Croatian Forests. Požega traditionally organises the Zlatne Žice Slavonije (Golden strings of Slavonia). Similar manifestations of folk creation are also organised in other Slavonian towns and even smaller places. Especially interesting, at the end of August every year the Olimpijada starih Športova (Olympics of Old Sports) in Brođanicima near Osijek are held where competitors compete in nearly forgotten sporting games of Slavonian shepherds and villagers (www.tzosbarzup.hr).

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