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Slavonia and Baranja cultural-historical heritage

Slavonia and Baranja abounds with especially rich architectural heritage – castles and fortresses. A special place belongs to a castle with a wine cellar in Kutjevo (www.tzzps.hr) which was part of the one time Jesuit estate. The castle in Donji Miholjac (www.tz-donjimiholjac.hr) was constructed at the beginning of the last century in hunter’s style and represents a unique facility of its kind in Croatia and this part of Europe. The castle in Bilje which was left by Eugen Savojski (www.tzo-bilje.hr) was constructed in Vienna style. The Counts of Pejačević left their castle in Virovitica, Našice (www.tzosbarzup.hr) and Osijek (www.tzosijek.hr) as inheritance for new generations. In the one in Našice, which is one of the most beautiful, the diva of Croatian music Dora Pejačević composed music and a memorial room for her is open for visitors. Here too is the baroque castle of the Counts Noraman-Prandau in Valpovo with it park (www.tzosbarzup.hr/gradovi/valpovo.htm).

The castle of the powerful family Eltz in Vukovar (www.tzvsz.hr ) has only begun to be renovated after great war time devastation in the Homeland war, however even in the state it is now it still actively lives gathering together museum treasures of its region, special archaeological remains of Vučedol culture which is exalted by the Vučedol dove. The castle of the family Odescalchi in Ilok should also not be missed including its wine cellar and next to which are the most preserved authentic Turkish remains – Turkish domed burial sites and Turkish baths

Slavonia also has in its heritage holds two exceptionally worthy baroque fortresses: in Osijek (www.tzosijek.hr) and Slavonski Brod (www.tzgsb.hr). The Osijek Fortress represents a successful blend of military and civil administration and sacral architecture. In its central square is dominated by the building of the General-barracks from 1726 with the most magnificent baroque stone portal in Croatia and votive monument to the plague which along with the one in Požega (www.pozega-tz.hr), is the only such votive monument of its kind in Croatia. The Brod fortress, built during the Hapsburg Empire even today, renovated, lives in its original shape. This is the largest fortress in its time with the largest central building whose system of forts ins Slavonia ensured uninterrupted peace for a whole two and a half centuries.

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