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Fruit Square

On the south of the Public Square, down the street, the Radić brothers’ Square or the “Fruit Square” is situated. Its northern part is closed by the Milesi Palace built in the 18th century. In front of it there’s a bronze sculpture of Marko Marulić (1450-1524), the first great Croatian poet known all over the world.

His readers were, among others, English king Henry VIII; famous humanist Thomas More; Spanish dramatist Francisco de Quevedo; famous missionary St Franjo Ksaverski and many others. The statue of the “Father of Croatian Literature” (title which he got thanks to his works in Croatian language, eg. epic Judita) was made by the sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

The bottom of the Square is closed by the Town Citadel built in 1435 during the Venetian government.

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