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Cycling tours and walking trails

The segment of tourist offers in cycling tours has developed intensively from the year 2000 when the megaproject “Spring cycling tour of the Bavarian radio and television on the Kvarner islands” was realised. Since then, up to the present day, the number of cycling trails and tours has been constantly on the increase and are encompassing a greater area of Kvarner – coastal areas, islands and mountains. This is evident even in the name of cycling trails, among which are: Old cities of Liburnia, Trails of the zvončari (bell ringers), Mountain tour above the Opatija riviera, Kastav region, Eye of the spring Piječine, Hinterland of the Crikvenica Riviera, Vinodol region, Frankopan kaštels (castles), Lošinj and Cres, In the empire of the Griffon vulture, Trails of the Krk shepherds and field workers, Kalifronta and Lopar on Rab, Great tour of Gorskin kotar, Gorski kotar lakes, Intimate trail and others.

As there are about thirty protected areas in Kvarner and more than one hundred foreseen for some category of protections, trails and walking paths are a special Kvarner tourist asset and attraction because on a large number of them one can find habitats of rare and endemic animal and plant species. They pass through forests, craggy fields, passing by underground areas, while especially well known are the walking paths along the sea like the renowned “lungomarea” on the Opatija Riviera. To acquaint the tourist public with this type of tourist offer a special brochure titled “Trails and walking paths” has been published.

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