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Traditional events
Sudamija – St Duje festival

Every year, on the seventh day of May ever since the early middle Ages the patron of Split St Duje has been celebrated. He came from Syria and died as a martyr in the 3rd century. According to a legend he was a follower, i.e. a pupil of the apostle St Peter himself. But since he lived in a completely different century this theory that came from the first Split’s bishop Ivan Ravenjanin, could not be true in any way. The motive for this legend lies in the wish to give Split’s cathedral the apostle origin.

Split Summer Festival – the international theatre festival

Every year in the period between 15th July and 15th August the traditional theatre festival takes place. Split Summer Festival offers to its visitors a unique experience of drama, opera and ballet or concert performance in natural and historical ambient radiating its rich history. This theatre’s ambient differs from numerous other similar festivals in its openness towards different forms and types of theatres since a mixture of popular and art theatre very often takes place in the old town’s centre spaces. It is unforgettable and magical to listen to Verdi’s music and enjoy operas Aida and Nabuco at the square of the emperor’s palace, the most beautiful stage in the whole world.

Marulic days – the festival of Croatian drama and authorial theatre

Marulić’s days are a competitive review of played Croatian texts performed by Croatian theatres and the ones from all over the world. The best performances, in the opinion of the auditorium and the jury, in different categories are traditionally awarded a “Marul” prize. This cultural event has been taking place for 15 years now and animating the national creativity. It always takes place in April starting on the 22nd day of the month since that was the date when Marko Marulić in 1501 finished the first artistic epic of Croatian literature on Croatian language.

The International Flower Exhibition

Italian San Remo has its own “Fiesta dei fiori”, French Nice has its ''Fete fleure''. It is only logical that Split, whose symbol and whose name comes from a specific kind of flower (Spanish broom), also cherishes its rich horticultural heritage. So the Flower Exhibition became a characteristic of Split’s May and now celebrates its 30th anniversary. Is there a better place for such an international event than the Diocletian’s Cellars? Because of their monumentality and beauty, but also for their climatic conditions which are ideal for exhibiting, they are a unique location for this exhibition and flowers’ presentation. Different competitions are also part of the annual programme. Especially attractive are florists’ competitions that differently feel the flowers and treat them with respect. Their work is normally considered art.

Knightly game Alka Sinj

Under the medieval fortress between mountains of Dinara, Kamešnica and Svilaja, 35 km from Split, the town of Sinj is situated. Every year, since 1715 a knightly game “Alka“ is organized in memory of the victory of the people from Cetina area over the Turks. This game is a rarity of ethnological heritage.

Dalmatian Klapa Festival – Omis

Only 25 km from Split, at the mouth of the river Cetina, leaning on a rocky mountain, the town of Omiš is situated. This place of stormy history is even today known for once notorious refuge of bold Adriatic pirates. Instead of the war cries today, during the summer you can hear melodious a capella performances on the review of Dalmatian klapa singing.