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Papalic Palace

The most striking building of the secular baroque architecture in Split is surely the Palace Cindro. Placed in a westwards part of the ancient Decumanus street with its spacious entrance hall in ground floor and grouped balconies gaps it is typical example of patrician Venetian palaces. Next to the eastern (silver) door is Classicistic Palace. It was actually classical gymnasium in 19th century.

Large complex of the Papalić’s Palace is housing the Split City Museum since 1951. This one of the most exquisite late gothic buildings was constructed by the greatest local builder and sculptor George the Dalmatian. Large and fine four-light windows (quadriforas) that are facing the courtyard along with the ground floor loggia have Renaissance elements. Outer staircase lead to a spacious large room which still holds original and well preserved wooden sealing construction. 

At the People’s square west from the Palace, out of communal edifices build in flower gothic style in 15th century today resides only City loggia where the Ethnographic Museum is. This complex used to constitute out of Princes Palace, City hall, City jail and the old theatre bit in 1821 they are demolished.

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